togaf certification

Increase Your Professional Credibility with Certification

You know you are good at your job and you know you are a dedicated professional. Certification lets everyone else know it as well because it sets a standard of excellence. You can increase your salary, your credibility and your marketability with specific certification(s) in your chosen field. Simplilearn is a training company that understands this. They have developed a  what is togaf program that will help you stand out in this growing discipline. If you are a professional in the field of Architecture and are responsible for the development, planning, delivery and/or execution of projects, you may want to consider this course.

The TOGAF 9.1 certification course is a combination of Level 1-Foundation and Level 2-Certified courses and will leave you with the knowledge of the methods and framework of enterprise architecture. The job opportunities are increasing among Fortune 500 companies that are demanding togaf certification of their new hires. They are willing to pay for that distinction with dramatically higher salaries over those who have no togaf training. You will receive a TOGAF participation hand book, a glossary and reference cards along with your 32 hours of instructor led online training with audio and visual interactive content and 21.5 hours of e-learning content.

Question banks with questions and scenarios, chapter quizzes and over 50 examples across industries are also available throughout the course for practice. Tips and tricks videos, engagement and reinforcement videos at the beginning and the end of the course and 4 online practice test papers will have you more than ready to pass the certification exams.

There are 11 chapters in the first level and they include building blocks, ADM deliverables, TOGAF reference models and enterprise continuum and tools. That closed book exam consists of 40 multiple choice questions that you will have an hour to complete. The second level has 27 chapters that include titles like preliminary phase, business scenarios technique, stakeholder management and phase E opportunities and solutions. That exam is an open book test that has questions based on 8 complex scenarios with 90 minutes to complete. The fees for both exams are included in the course. The pass rate is very high at 98%, so you will do well with some solid effort on your part. You will have 24/7 online technical and instructional support during the entire 365 days that you will have access to the learning materials. The credibility and the increase in salary potential will be well worth the time and effort you put into this high quality course.